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Dear Members,

On behalf of the Chairman, please accept our sincere thanks to all members and guests who have supported the Club over the last year, and the marvellous support for the Club’s staff which we have seen through the generous donations to the Staff Fund.  

It is of utmost importance that we continue to keep our Members, guests and staff safe who visit and work in the Club.  Following the announcement of the Government’s new guidelines for England on 8th December 2021, and the updated instructions issued by the Government on 9th December 2021, all members, guests and staff will need to wear face masks in public areas in the Club including, for instance, bedroom corridors, lifts, stairways and the Club’s reception, unless individuals are exempt.  This took effect on Friday 10th December. Members, guests and staff in the Dining Room and Lounge Bar do not need to wear face coverings, but may so by personal preference. 

To help combat the various Covid strains we will also continue to apply our stringent Covid-19 cleaning programme.  We are encouraging all staff to do a rapid Lateral Flow Test at least twice a week, especially in the light of the recent Government announcements and the new COVID variant. Please kindly consider doing a rapid Lateral Flow Test yourself before visiting the Club. You are invited again to please continue to frequently use the hand sanitisers around the Club and adopt a regular hand washing routine.

More information will be provided in due course as soon as we have received further updates. While we are required to comply with the restrictions, the Club will be very much open during the  festive period and our staff will continue to provide their typical excellent service.

Best wishes,

Nigel Beet

CEO/Club Secretary.