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Brett works in the Events Department as an Events Co-ordinator and has worked at the VSC since January 2018. Brett is currently on furlough, here he explains in his own words what he has been up to.

“I will be honest and say I am really not suited to being on furlough as I really like being at work and interacting with colleagues, members and clients. Initially I found it hard to motivate myself but I have picked myself up and have been using my time to participate in industry webinars and training sessions in readiness for going back to work. I have also started making bread for the first time ever with varying degrees of success. I also love cooking so have been using the time to perfect recipes I have done before and try new ones out which is not good for me and my partners waistlines!

We have an elderly neighbour who has become a good friend and comes to us for Christmas, during the initial lockdown we made sure he had everything he needed and I took him over dinner every Sunday and once we were allowed to increase our ‘bubble’ he has been coming over for dinner a few times a week. As he is on his own we have really been his only contact so I have enjoyed making sure he is ok.

My partner Steve has been constantly devising interesting walks through South East London and I would not have believed how many parks there are. While I am waiting to return to work I am also picking up my pencils and paints again with not much success so far but I will keep working away. I am really looking forward to coming back to work and see everyone again but mainly to stop eating quite so much!”