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When planning an event, one of the first items on the organiser’s to-do list is the budget. Hiring out a space, organising drinks, catering and entertainment must be meticulously planned to avoid over-spending. This is particularly true in London, where it can be difficult to find a suitable venue which is affordable. No one wants to save money at the expense of their surroundings; however, sticking to the budget is key.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. The Victory Services Club is not only beautiful, ideally located in Marble Arch and multi-use, but also affordable. With a wide range of different areas available to hire, from smaller meeting rooms to large and beautiful spaces, the only issue facing an events organiser is which one to choose.

Here at the Victory Services Club, the Events Team have been taking bookings for parties, balls and dinner dances all year. A significant part of the success of our venue is the flexibility, affordability and sheer choice of rooms offered to clients, as well as the warm welcome enjoyed by all our guests.

For a small cocktail party or get-together, we have five rooms accommodating between 10 – 40 guests. With all the benefits of a large, well-run venue (attentive staff, great food and drink, beautiful surroundings), you can relax knowing that your party is going to be a huge success. For a slightly larger gathering, the El Alamein Room or the El Alamein and Trafalgar Rooms together give our clients a lovely, airy space with plenty of flexibility. Whether drinking, chatting, eating or dancing, there is plenty of space along with historic and unique surroundings.

For a ball, large party or extravaganza of any kind, the stunning Carisbroke Hall is ideal. It accommodates up to 240 for a dinner dance or meal and has a beautiful balcony running around the top which can be used for drinks or an informal chill-out zone.

For Christmas 2019, the VSC has been transformed into a winter wonderland. This year, we chose an icy colour palette of silver and blue, tempered with rich gold tones, using baubles, preserved metallic foliage and warm fairy lights.

Affordable, yet classy, the Victory Services Club is here to make every event organiser’s job much easier. Just give us a call on 020 7616 8305 or email us at: We look forward to being part of your special event.