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Top Tips for Party Planning

Here on the Events Team, we completely understand that it can be daunting to be involved in party planning. Whether you’re throwing a party, organising a banquet or award ceremony, or planning a business function, we can help. Here are our top tips for organising a brilliant celebration at the VSC.

Find the perfect party venue.

It needs to be affordable and easily accessible for you and your guests. The VSC is located in Central London with great links to the Underground network, buses and over ground trains. This is one you can tick off your list immediately – well done.

Invitation design.

Design your invitation to minimise the amount of last-minute work. You need to tell your guests what time you expect them, what kind of party it is, what the dress code is and the exact location of the venue. Here’s a helpful link to our location on Google Maps to avoid anyone getting lost.

Catering for your party.

Selecting the right food is key for all party organisers. If you’re running a sophisticated, elegant evening, think about having colourful trays of canapes to be handed round by our staff as you enjoy drinks. Street food is incredibly popular and it’s something which our catering team love to produce. For a really up to the minute and modern feel, think about offering your guests a range of different foods from round the world. From burritos to koftas, jian bing to paella, these flavoursome, fragrant dishes will really lift your event to the next level. If you’re organising a banquet or a more formal celebration, our Events Team will work with you to produce the perfect sit-down menu.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests.

As your guests approach the door of the Victory Services Club, they need to be put at ease. Delegate someone to stand at the door to welcome them. A warm welcome and clear signposting to where they need to go for the next stage will calm them and fill them with confidence that this is a well-organised party run by an expert party planner.

Ask the team.

We invite all our intrepid party organisers to take advantage of our wide function experience. Our Events Team is here to help you. If you’ve got a question or a concern, please do email us on or call on 020 7616 8305.

Dietary requirements and intolerances.

Anyone organising a function needs to flag up dietary requirements from the get-go. You may have coeliac guests, those who are following a dairy-free, nut-free or vegetarian diet, or guests who are on a plant-based diet. If you include a section on your invitation where your guests can indicate any dietary requirements, plus a cut-off date for letting you know, it makes everyone’s life easier. Our Catering Team will produce food which suits everyone and will work closely with you to ensure that everyone has exactly what they need.

Liquid refreshment.

Have a think about what kind of drinks you might serve. There is a huge range of delicious soft drinks out there – perhaps some elderflower cordial, pink lemonade, pomegranate or blood orange juice. Champagne and Prosecco are ideal for a welcome drink to get your party or celebration going with a swing. Add value by mixing them with Crème de Cassis to make Kir Royals, wafer-thin orange peel shavings for a fragrant hit of bubbles. Why not try our very own distilled VSC Gin in our delicious cocktails, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. The Events Team would be delighted to chat to you about different options.

Enjoy the party!

If the host is happy and relaxed, everyone else will be too. The key is preparation. Our Events Team are all here to help you and we can’t wait to work with you to put on the perfect event.